The epic student hackathon in Manchester and we’re making it more accessible than ever

StudentHack is an all-inclusive, free and fun programming event for students in Manchester. Turns out it is run by students too.

StudentHack is back in its 5th edition and promising to deliver an epic event where you will learn and build awesomest hacks, by working together with the team behind GreatUniHack.

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Participants: Current students (over 18 years in age) and poeple who graduated within last year; Teams up to 4;

Also: You have to obey the Code of Conduct and if you use any work you have already made before you need to let the judges know during judging


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Craig Dean

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Duncan Hull

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Darren Darcey

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Matthew Hodgson

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Jon Corner

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Syeef Karim

Judging Criteria

  • Idea
  • Technical Complexity
  • Implementation